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The Sustainable Housing Stock Development Unit is dedicated to research and teaching on the question of the extent to which the existing housing stock needs to be further developed, converted and extended both conceptually as a building and at the same time as a component of the built city in order to meet current needs, demands and requirements.

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Junior Professorship for Sustainable Housing Development

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GROWO - Großstädte als Wohnorte

The ILS Colloquium Series deals with the planning and design of adaptable cities and city districts.

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Blended Learning concept

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In the coming summer semester, the chair is offering a new blended learning course on the subject of mixed use, redensification and conversion.This new format includes on one hand the linking of a design project in the master’s program with a seminar with supplementary content.

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Home Sharing

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The Sharing Economy has gained increasing economic and social importance. Today it touches our lives in fundamental ways, including housing and the housing market. Housing stock that was once intended for long-term residents of the city is now being used as holiday homes and rented out to tourists, visitors and travelers on a short-term basis. Especially in times of urban growth, rising rents and tight housing markets, this development contributes to an increasing urban housing challenge.

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Functional segregation through post-compaction

The booming housing market in major German cities is leading to the displacement of commercial enterprises from the city centres

First results from the ongoing joint pilot study by ILS, RWI and RWTH Aachen University

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