International Excellence School of Innovative Approaches in Regeneration Planning and Design of Low Density Urbanized Polycentric Regions in Transformation

The Academy program offers an integrated introduction to German and international students of interdisciplinary planning into the current regional, urban and landscape planning and governance policy themes structures within large urbanized regions. The main topics deal with regional and urban design and management policy of physical regeneration of urban and suburban areas with differing dynamics of growth and/or shrinking, brownfield regeneration and the integration of landscape into the urban landscape through its activation for new forms of local urban and suburban life within the last three decades. A special emphasis is put on planning tools and the management of post-industrial transformation and its current developments and formats. The students learn about the state of art of the integrative approach of the scientific and analytic background, a stakeholder-oriented communicative planning and the specific practical urban structure analysis. Furthermore, they gain an impression of tasks of spatial design and will discuss and develop planning principles for sustainable management of Low Density Urbanized Polycentric Regions.

The program is co-developed together with our national and international partners and the participating students in mixed project teams.


List of previous LODE_PORT

Jahr Titel

URBAN INTEGRATION From Walled City to Integrated City: Re-Designing the Future of Zollverein and Surroundings
Essen Zeche Zollverein

2017 Resilient Land Use Development: Housing, Crafts and Industry in Cultural Landscapes,
2015 Dortmund Nordwärts: How to Leverage Economic Growth from Spatial Projects?
Dortmund, Ruhr
2014 Adjustment of Settlement Areas under Demoographic Change,
2012 Water Cross Castrop-Rauxel,
Dortmund, Castrop-Rauxel, Ruhr
2011 Campus, City, Region: Towards Connections between City and University,
2010 Summer School MetropoleRuhr.2010,
Dortmund, Ruhr

LODE_PORT partners in last years

TU Dortmund
City of Dortmund
City of Castrop-Rauxel
Ruhr Regional Planning Association
Ministry of Industry & Innovation NRW
ILS Research Institute for regional and Suburban Development
Osaka University
Kyoto University
Meiji University
University of Michigan