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*** Wintersemester 2021/22 ***

three notepads © David Herrmann

M-project "Urban research collective. ACademie for collaborative urban development"

How does the city center work? Together we are building a city research collective to explore and test potentials and visions for the Aachen city center in exchange with local stakeholders.

open book © Laurent Dequick

Planning and design for changing cities​ (Complex Cities, Planning and Self-Organisation)

During this seminar, students will explore complexity theories of cities, self-organizing principles of city development and transformation, the dialectic between top-down design and spontaneous process of changes, the emergence of spontaneous orders/patterns in social and physical systems and the main ethical and technical aspects connected to these issues.

Semester Module Course Title
SS2020 M2 Sustainable forms of housing, district of Euskirchen
SS2020 EC Unfolding city complexity
WS2018/19 M1 Flex City Osaka
WS2018/19 EC complex cities, planning and self-organization