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2012 LODE_PORT Flyer © TU Dortmund 2012 LODE_PORT Flyer

Water Cross Castrop-Rauxel

With the participation of partners from the faculty, university and region, the Department of Urban Development, Urban Design and Urban Land Use Planning organised the International Summer Academy "LODE_PORT - International Excellence School of Innovative Approaches in Regeneration Planning and Design of Low Density Urbanized Polycentric Regions in Transformation" between 22.9. and 5.10.2012. The two-week programme included an introductory and project week with meetings of actors from regional and urban planning, expert seminars on housing, settlement structure, regional governance and culture, and the development of a strategic concept for the Emscher/Rhine-Herne-Canal water intersection in Castrop-Rauxel. In the final presentation, 22 students from 12 countries submitted five impressive proposals for the new "Land- & Stadtmarke am Wasserkreuz" to the jury, which included functional concepts for insertion into the Emscher Landscape Park as well as design planning. Among other things, a net-shaped bridge construction was proposed, which created connections on the levels of the "Schwarze Emscher" - today's sewer, the new Emscher and the ship canal. After 2017, the water junction is to be converted into a new leisure and recreation area on the water.

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In the year 2012, the Summer Academy key topic is the “Compact lifestyle Region – Innovative Planning Tasks”, including the sub-themes of:

  • Peripherization and Centralization in Large Urbanized Areas
  • Cultures and Spatial Dynamics of Post-Industrial Landscapes
  • Growth, Shrinking and Demographic Dynamics in Low Density & Suburban Areas

and a practical design course together with international and regional planners, architects and experts on the theme of redesigning the Emscher Water Cross in Castrop-Rauxel and adjacent area by proposing new  housing areas, redesigning land- and riverscape as well as creating a new regional landmark by an extraordinary architecture or arts for the Ruhr Area at the water cross.


The Department of Urban Design and Land Use Planning together with the TU Dortmund University School of Planning and its partners are eager to welcome outstanding Bachelor and Master students in civil urban planning, urban design, engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, planning and design, geography or civil engineering from Europe, Germany and all over the world to create mixed project teams.

The Academy program  offers an integrated introduction to international students into the current regional, urban and landscape planning and governance policy themes structures within the large urbanized region of the Ruhr Area.  The main topics deal with urban design and management policy of physical regeneration of urban and suburban areas with differing dynamics of growth and/or shrinking, brownfield regeneration and the integration of landscape into the urban landscape through its activation for new forms of local urban and suburban life within the last three decades. A special emphasis will be put on planning tools and the management of post-industrial transformation by the International Building Exhibition IBA Emscher Park, which took place in the Ruhr Area, as well as current developments and formats. The students will learn about the state of art of the integrative approach of the scientific and analytic background, a stakeholder-oriented communicative planning and the specific practical urban structure analysis. Furthermore, they will gain an impression of tasks of spatial design and will discuss and develop planning principles for sustainable management of Low Density Urbanized Polycentric Regions.

The Summer Academy is a joint venture of the TU Dortmund University School of Planning, Department of Urban Design, the Emschergenossenschaft,  the ILS  Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development and the DAAD.


22nd of September to 5th of October 2012