Excursion to Japan, 2019

  Group picture of the workshop in Osaka © Junior Professorshop for Sustainable Housing Development

Student Members of Architecture and Urban Planning Workshop in Osaka from the RWTH Aachen, the University of Michigan and Osaka University


Flex City Osaka

Stair, Water, Students © Junior Professorship for Sustainable Housing Development

Adaptive Urban Design and Architecture for Innovative Urban Living

The Senri New Town Housing Re-Development Workshop

The Program of the international study journey with Workshop focussed on mass social housing refurbishment in Japan. Japanese large cities are well known for their high density. For decades, Japan is dealing with challenges of land scarcity, urbanization, but also aging of the society, vacancies and necessity to flexibilize its housing stock because of diversification of lifestyles. The course gives introduction into the framing conditions for housing in Japan in terms of urban planning, design and architecture, it focusses on the Japanese concept of space, it touches settlement space developments and maps attempts in which state policies and urban planning, as well as urban designers and architects attempted and attempt to deal with them. A part of the course will be a discussion of practical redevelopment concept for a housing area in Japan and the possibility to learn from them in the German context and vice versa. Therefore, inputs from Japanese, German and US-American planning experts are a part of the course, as well as the introduction of exchange possibilities for architectural and planning students to study on the topic abroad at the RWTH Aachen University. Further, it should enable RWTH students to gain experience in work on international urban issues and solve them within intercultural teams. The international communication to Japan and the USA has been already created in a preparational Seminar during the Summer Term 2019 by exchanging student’s portfolio and through a common online preparation of the site analysis, as well as an exchange on specific intercultural topics of the urban spaces and its relation to design practices.