Interdisciplinary Research Network "Making of Housing"

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The interdisciplinary research network "Making of Housing" is dedicated to central future topics of housing and bundles spatial-strategic, typological-design and constructional-technical know-how within the Faculty of Architecture of RWTH Aachen University. Other partners within the RWTH complement the portfolio in the areas of spatial research, economics, resources and sociology. The network adopts an action-oriented perspective and thus contributes to research, development and reflection on current tasks in the field of housing. Three perspectives of action are at the centre. There is a need for research and development especially at the interfaces of the three perspectives:

  • Housing as a product and offer in the linking of different spatial scales from the apartment, the house and the housing estate to the surroundings and neighbourhood
  • The practice of housing and the processes of use by different target groups and the associated spatial and temporal dynamics
  • The processes of conception, planning and realization of housing, provision, access and long-term operation of housing and the regulation of housing
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Housing as a task for the future

Housing today - on the threshold of the next decade - is a highly relevant and urgent social task. Housing is a basic function of existence, and housing construction is an essential component of urban and regional development - in highly urbanised areas as well as in the region. Housing needs are becoming increasingly differentiated. At the same time, housing is an increasingly scarce commodity in many cities and regions, so that individual freedom of choice is dwindling. Housing is integrated into complex market processes and comprehensive sovereign regulations. Affordability and accessibility are two central keys to ensuring access to housing for broad sections of the population.

Ensuring sustainable housing requires a long-term perspective and continuous development of qualities, competencies and responsibilities. The linking of product and process quality plays a central role in this process. Housing construction is a core competence of the Faculty of Architecture, which intensifies and expands the research network in close cooperation with competences in civil engineering, geography, economics and sociology at RWTH Aachen University. This is because the need for research remains undiminished at the interfaces between typology and design, construction and realisation, neighbourhood to regional development, and planning, management and utilisation processes.

Cooperation partners, target groups, formats

"Making of Housing" addresses partners in the housing and real estate industry, the construction industry and finance, socially and neighbourhood-oriented sponsors and operators as well as sovereign officials at federal, state and local level. The research network organises an exchange of experience and knowledge transfer between science and practice and develops practice-oriented research and development projects. Contributions to training and further education arise from the network. The interdisciplinary network also pursues interdisciplinary basic research and seeks scientific cooperation with other universities and research institutions.

The Initiators of the Network

  • Prof. Dr. Agnes Forester
  • Prof. Anne-Julchen Bernhard
  • Prof. Dr. Jan Polívka
  • Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Beusker
  • Prof. Dr. Sigrid Brell-Cokcan
  • Prof. Sabine Brück
  • Prof. Dr. Linda Hildebrand
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Lohrberg
  • Prof. Hartwig Schneider
  • Prof. Wim van den Bergh