Projects NWB

Mix in a block: living above trade and industry

The project is dedicated to the planning of existing industrial sites against the background of a lack of space, mobility, climate change and climate adaptation, global trends of digitalisation and new production methods as well as developments in the world of work.

Urban redevelopment in industrial estates

On the way to a future-proof and sustainable strategy for a new transformation task.

Pilot study on functional segregation through post-compaction

The booming housing market in major German cities is leading to the displacement of commercial enterprises from the city centres.

First results from the ongoing joint pilot study by ILS, RWI and RWTH Aachen University.

Dealing with problematic Real Estates

Compendium for dealing with so-called problem properties:
A new compendium for dealing with problem properties was presented at the Symposium on Dealing with Problem Properties, held on 2 October 2019, in which the Sustainable Housing Development Department was involved.

Maturity, resilience & lifecycles in suburban residential areas

Most of the suburban residential areas in Germany have been built during the second half of the 20th century. Growing interest among practitioners and scientists is thus paid to the future development of maturing settlement areas characterized by old housing stock and aging inhabitants. This dissertation analyzes processes of change and adaption of suburban residential areas under the conditions of the maturation process.

Colloquium on Planning and Design for Adaptable Cities and Neighbourhoods

With this colloquium series, the ILS wants to explore and search suitable strategies on how to plan and design cities and neighbourhoods to make them more adaptable and responsive to unpredictable changes.

Home Sharing

Effects of short-term rentals on local housing markets

What is urban design? A proposal for a common understanding

The lack of a common understanding of what urban design is about is an issue that needs to be resolved. This project analyzes contemporary definitions of urban design.

Social-ecological dimensions of housing

It is difficult to understand the qualitative aspects of the housing issue. The field of research is determined by application-oriented policy and accompanying research that addresses the possibilities for action of state actors with the instruments of money, law and cooperation.

The Production of Arrival Neighbourhoods

The project investigates specifics of the housing stock that influence the emergence and further dynamics of arrival neighbourhoods.