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The Junior Professorship for Sustainable Housing Development, according to the "Jülich Model", is a partnership between the Faculty of Architecture and the Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development gGmbH in Dortmund.

The housing stock is in a state of change, the scope of which, after a good three decades of a rather reserved, adaptable phase, has made it one of the most important fields of activity for architects and planners. Due to the effects of demographic development, but also of social diversification and globalisation of markets, the differences within regional and local housing markets with regard to the balance of demand and supply, quality and condition, forms of investment and perspectives, as well as the state of refurbishment and new construction requirements have been deepening for several years.

As current experience with reurbanisation or immigration shows, the demands on existing stock will change rapidly in the future. On the one hand, the development of the housing stock will be linked to a necessary flexibility of use, which should enable functional diversity in previously standardised, rigid existing building structures. This applies both to historical multi-storey residential buildings, the large housing estates of the industrial era, and the single-family housing estates. The conversion and new construction concepts required for this purpose will also include economically viable social and ecological aspects in different, often mixed forms of use in the interests of sustainability. Actors with increasingly specific interests are already shaping not only new construction, but also the development of existing buildings. On the other hand, the necessary structural and energetic upgrading of buildings, their accessibility, the adaptation of housing layouts and the associated discussion about housing standards are called for. Last but not least, the question arises of how innovative concepts in new construction should complement the existing buildings.

The Sustainable Housing Stock Development Unit is dedicated to research and teaching on the question of the extent to which the existing housing stock needs to be further developed, converted and extended both conceptually as a building and at the same time as a component of the built city in order to meet current needs, demands and requirements. It aims to define and actively shape the diverse field of housing stock development as a planning and architectural task together with the students.