Places of the future

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15th of June, Bergheim

"Places of the future" in the model region Rheinisches Revier stand for the spatial location of particularly ambitious ideas. They are characterised by a correspondingly outstanding future potential. 

In order to understand and select the "Places of the Future", the Rhineland Economic Development Agency (ZRR), the Territory Node Space, the Territory Node International Building and Technology Exhibition and MWIDE have agreed on a multi-stage procedure consisting of thinking and planning workshops. 

The aim is to award a regional seal of approval to groundbreaking experimental projects in the area, which are particularly representative of the change in the Rhenish mining area and represent a real potential for success, for further qualification and marketing as outstanding ideas. A special focus is placed on projects for sub-areas or potential areas affected by structural change, which have so far remained "white spots" on maps of measures in terms of planning and ideas or represented particularly problematic development areas. 

The think tank serves to develop a common vision of the role that "Places of the Future" should play in the future of the Rhenish mining area:

  • What does the option "future" mean in principle? 
  • How can "future" be reflected spatially? 
  • Which basic conditions must be given?

Within the framework of the workshop, experts from various disciplines will work together with regional players to develop theses on the future with regard to the key topics of space, energy, resources, digitisation and infrastructure.