REAL CORP 2020: Rheinisches Revier

  Brown coal area Copyright: © Dominik Ketz, District Government of Cologne

Tuesday, 15.09.2020, 9 am until 1 pm

Special Session of the REAL CORP 2020

Transformation of lignite regions: Rhenish mining district and Lusatia

How can a region be shaped?

Decades of change in the lignite regions have had a profound impact on their shape. The decision to phase out coal-fired power generation now offers the opportunity to initiate forward-looking regional development processes. Which local and regional approaches are suitable for a sustainable transformation in the coming decades? How do they contribute to a high-quality design of the regions? What can the Rhenish mining district and Lusatia learn from each other?


Aula Carolina, Pontstraße 7, 52062 Aachen