Ruling without rules: not only nudges. regulation beyond normativity.

  picture collage © DUSSELDORF2014 _ COMPO_11 – Laurent Dequick (LDK photo)

Thursday, February 27th, 11 am


Often, when a problem arises, someone immediately declares: ‚There’s a regulatory gap to plug. What we need is a new rule‘. As if everything could be solved with a new regulation. And, when we think of a regulation that can fix things, generally what we have in mind is a verbal – preferably written – regulation. There are two aspects to highlight here. Firstly, behaviour can be regulated not only with verbal norms but also with non-verbal norms, like zoning maps or traffic signs. Secondly, behaviour may even be regulated without any specific rule: the speech is dedicated to this fascinating regulatory phenomenon, with specific attention to the fields of planning and architecture.

Stefano Moroni is a professor in planning at Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy). His research focuses on applied ethics, philosophy of law, and planning theory. Among his published books are: “Contractual Communities in the Self-Organizing City”, 2012; “Ethics, Design and Planning of the Built Environment”, 2013; “Cities and Private Planning”, 2014, “Space and Pluralism“, 2016

The seminar is a part of Colloquium Series Organized on Planning and Design for Adaptable Cities and Neighbourhoods organized by Dr. Stefano Cozzolino and Prof. Dr. Jan Polívka.

This is an open seminar for PhD and Master students.


R220 | Reiff | Schinkelstraße 1 | 52066 Aachen