Overall Programme


Workshop Day 1: Tuesday, 17th March:

Time Contents
10 to 10:30am Registration and coffee
10:30 to 11am

Introduction to the workshop
Noriko Otsuka, ILS/ Osaka University

11am to 1pm

Session 1: The application of ICT-led tools, GIS, VR-CAD, etc., for planning and urban design

Chair: Yukiko Kawai, Kyoto Sangyo University/ Osaka University

  • Title to be confirmed, Yukiko Kawai, Kyoto Sangyo University/ Osaka University
  • C ustomized Route Recommendation, Adam Jatowt, Kyoto University
  • The application of data-driven simulation for user behavior analysis in a large shopping centre Kensuke Yasufuku, Osaka University
  • Extending GIS-based planning systems for adaptive and participatory planning needs, Stefan Fina, ILS/RWTH Aachen University
1 to 2pm Lunch
2 to 3:45pm

Session 2: the application of ICT-led tools for research activities of planning related studies: quantitative and qualitative approaches

Chair: Noriko Otsuka, ILS

  • Brownfield regeneration: case studies from the North West England (tbc), Cecilia Wong, University of Manchester
  • Data-driven approach for vacant properties in shrinking cities, Takefumi Kurose, Kyushu University
  • Title tbc, Joshua Akers, University of Michigan
  • A walkability study for urban node accessibility along the Rhine-Alpine Corridor, Noriko Otsuka, ILS/ Osaka University
3:45 to 4pm Coffee break
4 to 5:30pm

Group discussion

  • Group discussion: 45 minutes in 3 groups
  • Presentation by each group: 5 minutes per group
  • Summary
from 7pm

Evening reception and dinner

Workshop Day 2: Wednesday, 18th March:

Time Content
9 to 9:30am Coffee
9:30 to 9:45am

Introduction to Cyber Media Centre

Shinji Shimojo, Director of Cyber Media Centre CMC, Osaka University

9:45 to 11am

Session 3: potential use of ICT-led tools in housing development

Chair: Jan Polivka, ILS/RWTH Aachen University

  • tbc, Youngha Cho, Oxford Brookes University
  • Pre-disaster Improvement Planning for Future Society in Kansai Region, Japan, Michihiko Kita, Osaka University
  • Database of UR Housing stock and its application for stock refurbishment, Jan Polivka, ILS/RWTH Aachen University
11 to 11:15am Coffee Break
11:15am to 1pm

Session 4: potential use of ICT-led tools in community-led planning and governance

Chair: Tomoko Miyagawa, Wakayama University

  • Community development for the Restoration of Socio Ecological Landscape in the Seriously Environmentally Damaged Area: Case of Fukushima, Japan, Hirokazu Abe, Osaka University
  • Co-creating the town: civic engagement in the small town Weißwasser, Olivia Kummel, ILS
  • Residents’ participation of urban agriculture or informal green space, Christoph Rupprecht, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
  • Environmental regeneration and community participation in the case of the Mersey Forest, Tomoko Miyagawa, Wakayama University
1 to 2pm Lunch
2 to 3.30pm Group discussion
3:30 to 3:45pm Coffee break
3:45 to 4:30pm

Future action for developing project ideas

Chair: Noriko Otsuka, ILS/ Osaka University