Blended Learning Concept

Concept Diagramm Copyright: © Sustainable Housing Development  

In the coming summer semester, the junior professorship for sustainable housing development is offering a new blended learning course on the subject of "mixed use, redensification and conversion" in the master’s degree. This new format links an elective seminar with the M1 design project and its supplementary seminar. Optionally, both the design project and the elective seminar can be taken individually or together, so that the topics can be deepened. The implementation of the courses in the blended learning format aims to use the advantages of two learning formats - face-to-face learning and independent online learning - in order to achieve the best possible learning success. Especially during the corona pandemic, it became clear how application-oriented and efficient the online format can be, but also how important the social and direct exchange with teachers and other learners is.

The aim of the course concept was to design a course model that functions as a prototype and can also be applied to other topics as an example. Didactics, methodology and time frame are conceptually specified, but can be flexibly adapted to meet individual requirements. The course format enables a future-oriented strategy of learning that simplifies both for teachers and offers learners flexible and customizable learning modalities.